Our passion

Caring for dogs is our passion. We started Kamp Happy K9 , a division of Happy K9 Academy for multiple reasons. When we opened in 2012 in Murrells Inlet we were taking dogs home with us for Stay and Trains and did not have a boarding option. Soon parents were requesting that we allow their furry loved ones to stay with us at times they weren't getting training. We were happy to do so, but it quickly got to the point we didn't have enough room at our house. In 2014 we opened Kamp Happy K9 to provide a place as close to as being at home as we could make it. We wanted parents to have a place that they felt safe with, that they could find comfort and know that their kids were being taken care of just like they would do. Additionally, we were only going to do the boarding if we could have 24/7 staffing, as no one else in the area did, and as parents of 8 fabulous furry kids ourselves, having someone with them all the time is of the utmost importance. These last two years have been a blessing and we are truly grateful to serve such wonderful parents and their furry kids 🙂 Additionally, we are blessed to have such a fantastic staff that shares our passion!!